Thursday, September 23, 2010


Would you like your bedroom to feel like a high-end, restful, resort hotel?  (Who wouldn't?)
Professional results are easier and less expensive than you think.
First, lets talk beds.  I am going to say something really controversial here so hang on......Make your Bed every day!  Making your bed is the easiest way to make your room and home appear cleaner.  You can have a super clean house but  your bed is unmade it looks dirty.  In the reverse if your house needs a good dusting and vacuuming but your bed is made and clothes are in the hamper, your look clean. "I don't have enough time"  you say. Well, I recently timed myself making my own bed and three mornings in a row the entire process (with multiple decorative pillows and layers) took 28 seconds...yes I said 28 seconds. "Not enough time"  Really.....?
Ok, so we are all making our bed; now what?
A luxurious bed is all about layers. Layers can mean a lot of $ but it doesn't have to.

"Bed in Bag" combos can really give you a lot of bang for your buck. Making them look custom is not as hard or costly as you may think.
 Lets get started

-If your box spring layer is visible use a dust ruffle or wrap.
-Sheets in a neutral color will allow you more freedom to change top layers and still coordinate.
-Comforter or Duvet, Pull this layer down to the end of the bed making sure it covers 2 inches of bed skirt. Many people are tempted to pull the comforter up to the top of the pillows, this makes the spread too short for the bottom.
-Fold back the top 8-15 inches of the spread and sheets. A great look if your comforter is reversible with a coordinating print or solid on the under side.
-Put on your shams and decorative pillows. A tight stack is more stylish and European than and scattering. 
-Layer, use a folded blanket, wrap,quilt, comforter...(anything that coordinates with bedding ) at the end of your bed.  The underside of other quilts and comforters are often a good place to look for neutrals in your own home.
-Don't forget smell...I love a great smelling home and especially in the bedroom.  A quick and healthy fix for the "stale" is a spray bottle of water and pure lavender oil.  I spray the sheets every morning before making the bed and they are fresh when I get back in at night.  I would caution using chemical plug in fresheners and sprays as they can cause so many side effects. Pure Lavender Oil is relaxing, freshening, disinfecting. and just amazing.  
-Last but not Least.... to maintain a great bed remember the top layers are just for show.  DO NOT  sleep with your new comforter or quilt as a blanket and do not use your decorative pillows to sleep on.  The natural oils in our hands and on our faces break down fabrics and  will cause your beautiful bed to look worn and tired.  These top layers will also need washed more making them age much faster.



  1. Hey...shut up!

    But you're right. This time.

  2. I have been trying to do this, since I first saw your blog and it SO helps! I am a no bed maker sorta person, I like my messy bed (lol), but you are so right on this one! Great it!

  3. Throw in another 5 seconds and tuck in at the corners. Pull back the duvet/comforter so it wraps around the front and tuck under the bed and let the rest fall. Hotel feel all the way.