Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get The Message

Function and Form.....put them together....Success.

Recently while working on a client's office we had one of these "success" moments.  We needed a big white board (dry erase) for planning and tracking events but we had just styled the office and the "white board look" was not working.  We needed something with the same great function of the white board but with  more style and personality.  I suggested a big frame, painted out to compliment the room. We were also watching our cost so we did some digging.  We found an old picture frame and removed the art work, spay painted the frame, tricked it out with some silver accent paint, spray frosted the back of the clear glass so it was opaque,  and put it back together.  The glass works just like a white board but with more style.....Success.  

Use this idea in whatever size you need or whatever frames you already have. A cute little frame painted white by the fridge for a grocery list, a black frame by the back door to leave a message for family, frames painted in bright lacquer colors (one for each family member) for messages or chores.....you get the idea.  Magnetic paint could also work on the back of the glass to magnetize your white board.

Leave a message.......With STYLE

Monday, August 23, 2010

Going Gray

Have you ever looked for the "The perfect Neutral"? Of course we all think of Tan/Cream/Beige; but lets think outside of this well used "tan" box and talk GRAY.

Gray....Its the new...black...tan...cream...white. Its hot, cold, warm, cool, modern, classic, masculine, feminine, professional and casual. With so many choices of undertones in Gray the application possibilities are endless.

Does your windowless office look like this? Sometimes we are tempted to paint everything white to "lighten it up" but with out the contrast of high and low tones everything looks...blah. Here are two examples of offices that I have had the opportunity to work on recently. I used shades of Gray in both offices. I selected shades of Gray with different undertones that accented the surroundings (furniture, trim work, carpet....) . Take of notice of how great the Gray works the with the Cream feminine office furniture, and how cool and professional the color looks in the second office with the wood trim and graphics of the company.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

color coach

Hello everyone,
Home from camp and ready to dig in.

I am sure we have all been working on a project (bedroom, bath, kids room....etc.) and while out and about we run into super cute pillows or a lamp or some great furniture and we wonder if it will work in our room. No one wants to spend time or $ on items that won't work in the space so we either pass it up or purchase with risk.

I suggest carrying a color card. You can go as elaborate or as simple as you like. Lets start with simple...stop by the paint counter where you purchased your paint and pick up a color strip with your wall color on it. These color samples include the range of light to dark and they are perfect for finding coordinating items. You can also grab a few cards in the colors of your furniture or fireplace rock....whatever you need to work with. Jot down your room and window dimensions on the back and tuck it into your wallet. The next time you are out and you see some great drapes on clearance you can know for sure they are the right shade and size.

If you are doing a major project like a new home or a big remodel....carry a small picture album with notes, pictures from magazines, paint samples, fabric ideas, room dimensions, and furniture wish list......its all in one place and easy to tote around.

Happy Hunting