Monday, August 23, 2010

Going Gray

Have you ever looked for the "The perfect Neutral"? Of course we all think of Tan/Cream/Beige; but lets think outside of this well used "tan" box and talk GRAY.

Gray....Its the Its hot, cold, warm, cool, modern, classic, masculine, feminine, professional and casual. With so many choices of undertones in Gray the application possibilities are endless.

Does your windowless office look like this? Sometimes we are tempted to paint everything white to "lighten it up" but with out the contrast of high and low tones everything looks...blah. Here are two examples of offices that I have had the opportunity to work on recently. I used shades of Gray in both offices. I selected shades of Gray with different undertones that accented the surroundings (furniture, trim work, carpet....) . Take of notice of how great the Gray works the with the Cream feminine office furniture, and how cool and professional the color looks in the second office with the wood trim and graphics of the company.

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